Who we are.

We want a world free from climate injustice, where no young persons’ capabilities are limited by climate change. As an organisation, Ocean Generation exists to collaborate with people on the front lines of climate change – specifically SDG 14 – to develop solutions. We deliver skills, resources and assets to their problem space.

Specifically, at the moment, we focus on

  1. Providing skills and capacity building, especially with young people, through training and workshops.
  2. Supporting technology and innovation through events like Hackathons, design sprints and global challenges. We provide small seed funding and match partners where we can.
  3. Using the power of storytelling to share these ideas and experiences from these communities to engage the world’s young people.

The young people we work with face climate injustice on multiple levels. Geographically they live on the front lines of climate change, generationally they will inherit a planet more unstable than any previous age. At Ocean Generation, we focus on developing their capacity and skills so they can confront the injustices they face head on. We do this through for example developing a ‘Green Tech and Innovation Certificate’, to provide cutting edge tech education combined with fostering a spirit of innovation to enable them to imagine solutions to secure their futures.

We also try to amplify the stories these young people tell us, and share them with young people globally in the spirit of fostering global collaboration and dialogue.

Ocean Generation Foundation  is a Delaware charitable non-stock corporation exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

For editorial or programme enquiries, please email info@oceangeneration.org

Our Team.

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