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Your donations support Ocean action and education.

Our Ocean provides more oxygen than trees do. Help us restore its health

A healthy Ocean is essential for all life on Earth.


Your donation will:

–  Support Ocean action
–  Educate young people about the importance of our Ocean through 3 UNESCO-endorsed programmes
Translate complex Ocean science into the engaging content we’re known for
–  Amplify the voices and actions of our Wavemakers.


Every penny really makes a difference.


The Ocean keeps us alive every day.

Consider setting up an automated, monthly, donation to support its restoration. We’ll plant a mangrove tree in your name.

Make a pledge to the Ocean

The impact you make with a monthly donation.  

A monthly donation of any amount directly supports our environmental education programmes and marine science work to safeguard the Ocean.  


For the price of one coffee, you can help us keep our science up to date, create educational comms content, and reach more people through our UNESCO-endorsed Programmes. It may feel like a drop in the Ocean, but the Ocean would be less without that drop.


We’ll also Plant a Mangrove Tree on your behalf when you become a regular giver to say thank you.