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  • Ocean health experts

    We tackle Ocean threats (like pollution
    and climate change) through science and storytelling and provide practical actions
    anyone from anywhere can take to drive positive change for our blue planet.

    No fear-mongering or big data here.
  • UNESCO-endorsed approach

    Our approach for translating complex science into understandable and engaging content is endorsed by UNESCO.

    Ocean Intelligence anchors all our talks, resources, and youth engagement programmes.
  • Storytelling that
    drives change

    Producing an award-winning documentary
    and growing a community of 100,000 online has taught us how to tell stories that make waves.

    We focus on hope, action, and the difference we can all make for our Ocean.

Jo Ruxton MBE: Marine Conservationist, film-producer, eternal optimist.

Jo Ruxton MBE, founder of Ocean Generation, is an engaging speaker who has addressed audiences from schools to corporations, in parliaments and governments throughout the world after producing her award-winning Netflix documentary, ‘A Plastic Ocean’.


Her expertise in Ocean health is anchored by a 3-decade long career in marine conservation and her travels to 22 locations around the world, where she’s met with scientists who have dedicated their lives to studying the environmental and human impacts of plastic pollution.


Jo raises awareness about the human-made threats our Ocean faces and empowers captivated audiences to take their own Ocean action and restore the ecosystem responsible for our every second breath.

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