Did you know: the Ocean is keeping you alive.

We translate complex Ocean science into engaging content, practical tools and actions you can take.

Too few people understand the importance of the Ocean; the ecosystem that provides our every second breath and supports all life on our blue planet.


Understanding what we can all do to safeguard the Ocean is essential. But Ocean Science can be complicatedOverwhelmingA bit doom and gloom.


➡️ That’s where we come in.


We use film and pop culture to make environmental science easy to understand

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  • Bite-sized

    Who has time to read a 2,000-page IPPC report about climate change? We do.
    Then, we simplify it into videos, articles, and pop-quizzes for you.

    Learning about the environment has never been so accessible.
  • Pop-culture

    We share popular culture stories with an environmental twist; ensuring environmental learning is interesting and relevant to your life.
  • Understandable

    We translate Ocean science into engaging resources and actions you can take daily to make a positive difference.