Vans Warped Tour Recording

Rock out with We Are The Oceans



We Are The Oceans (WATO) travelled to the heart of the Music Capitol, Nasvhille, TN for a very unique and special project. Through our exclusive partnership with Vans Warped Tour and the incredible support of its founder, Kevin Lyman, WATO invited the musicians on tour to come together and record a Rock/Punk version of, We Are The Oceans.

On Wednesday 27th June 2017, set in the suburbs of Berryland, we arrived and began setting up at the world famous House Of Blues studio, that has worked with and produced acts such as Jonny Cash, Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin, Frank Zappa and Prince.

We had 20 official Vans Warped Tour bands join WATO in the studio, record and feature on our collective rock anthem version of, We Are The Oceans. Bands included Save Ferris, Courage my Love, Microwave, BadCop BadCop, Gospel Youth and iconic Anti Flag. With music tracked and recorded by UK band, Sonic Boom Six and produced by Collin Heldt.

Alongside the recording process we spoke and encouraged all the bands to talk about their experiences with the oceans and how through music and their influence they can contribute to the cause. We also took this opportunity to introduce the artists too our upcoming campaigns Riff Sustainably with our recycled plastic plectrums, with the aim to make life on tour more sustainable, and The Last Straw, helping to reduce our plastic footprint.

Below, Chris No.2 and Justin Sane from the band Anti-Flag, supporting and endorsing our #RiffSustainably and #TheLASTStraw campaigns.

The alternative rock single We Are The Oceans will be released later this year along with an exclusive video. Make a pledge on our website to receive our newsletters with more behind the scenes content.