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Published by Ocean Generation \ September 25, 2018 9:26 am

In recent years, as technology has advanced, the gaming community has exploded, often in silence, across all continents. Computer, console and smartphone based games have changed the way people play, and the growth is showing no sign of stopping.


Gaming is now the most lucrative of the entertainment industries, beating both the combined gross of the entire music, movie and streaming industries.


Yet, this is still largely unknown. Gaming still carries a certain stigma, but offers huge potential for doing good accross various sectors. This is where Ocean Generation comes in. We are working around the clock to bridge a connection between the international gaming community and philanthropy. Mobile apps have millions of active weekly users, and teenagers around the world are happy to spend money on ‘in game purchases’, for example the award winning multiplayer game “Fortnite” has already grossed $1Billion since its launch only a few months ago.


With this reach, and wealth, the potential for charitable change is massive. But the question is, how do we bridge the gap. Just like a game, Ocean Generation is working through the levels.


Level one – Target an area of the community that is most likely to connect with your brand and message. Here at Ocean Generation we decided to work with Future Games Of London, the creators of the hugely popular Hungry Shark. Boasting an impressive monthly player-ship of 13 million users.


(Fun Fact – The popular game Grand Theft Auto most recent instalment raked in a mind blowing $6 Billion making it the most successful media product of all time)


Level two – Identify, harvest and support an emerging culture within  the gaming industry. Asking important questions, and connecting like minded gamers, to important causes and conversations using gaming, or a specific game as a link. Ocean Generation identified that the gaming communities are eager to make a difference, they just aren’t been presented with the opportunities.


(Fun Fact – Candy Crush Saga makes $1 Million dollars every single day from its 35,000 daily players)


Level Three – Develop interesting and thought provoking themes and campaigns to direct through games and gaming communities to spark interest, conversation and call to action. Last year, Ocean Generation successfully partnered with Angry Birds, to create mini-games such as the “The Big Catch” about plastic pollution, and “Island Nation Defence”. Developed by playable ad technology company TreSensa, the tower defence style game Island Nation Defence, challenges players to protect their island from rising waters, which threaten to destroy their crops and ultimately their entire village. Throughout the game players are also exposed to key climate change facts to help raise awareness and foster behavioural change.


(Fun Fact – In less than a year Fortnite has 150 Million players)


Level Four – Ocean Generation understand that tackling and connecting with a new audience is difficult, but we are committed. We focus on understanding the numbers, trying different approaches and exploring this new space with an open mind. As we move forward, gamers connect easier, and we are excited to be working with industry leaders, to truly use the power of gaming for good.


As we move forward into this new and exciting territory, our partnership with Future Games Of London has led us to a collaboration with Hungry Shark, a series of artwork was created and distributed across the Hungry Shark application and social spaces, delivering key messages, and engaging a new audience.


If any of our readers have any ideas about how we can strengthen our relationship with gaming audiences we would love to hear from you, email


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