The Dadlihack Experience \\ Trevaun Solomon

Trevaun Solomon shares his account of his time at Dadlihack, Antigua.


January 19th- 21st marks a memorable time for our hackathon team. Dadlihack was the very first hackathon on Antiguan soil — also being the first hackathon my newly assembled team has participated in. The theme was to create a solution which helps communities bounce back after disasters.

The hackathon spanned a weekend (Fri-Sun) within the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology (ABIIT) Campus. The event felt more like a holiday — Mainly because my team members were able to get away from our weekend chores & responsibilities. The structured activities were packed with speeches and segments by professionals from across the globe. Although I used the majority of my 3 days in the comfort of my teams designated classroom and focus on what I love — software development — The rest of my team used the time to attend those speeches and familiarize themselves with the organizers to fine tune our idea. We firmly believe teamwork made the dream work.

From left to right Kimathi Halley, Canice James, Dominique Trotman, Trevaun Solomon, Shaquille Lynch

I think it’s time to introduce you to team NADIS. We had a nifty idea; to make a platform that connects first-responders to the information and communication tools they need in emergency situations — All in one place. We’ve already completed a website for it, feel free to take a look: Our team consisted of Dominique Trotman (graphic designer), Canice James (full stack developer) and Trevaun Solomon (fullstack developer).

We’re all grateful for the hackathon, it afforded us at team NADIS the opportunity to better our software development and designing skills without distractions. We surrounded ourselves with positive influences and couldn’t ask for anything more. The most memorable part of the event in my opinion were the end pitches. It really stood out to us how each team, was able to accomplish different levels of work within the same time-span. We all had an amazing, 10/10 experience. Never thought we’d be involved in something this big at such a young age. For any readers who have never attended a hackathon or want to experience the way I feel throughout this weekend for yourselves, step outside your comfort zone for a bit — trying something new is always uncomfortable at first, but pays off in the end.

Trevaun Solomon | OG