Stella McCartney demands fashion industry to change

A Change in the fashion industry is needed for the sake of our environment


Stella McCartney demands fashion industry to change its ways

Lets begin with the facts that the fashion industry are responsible for:

  • less than 1% of material used to make clothing is recycled into new clothing;
  • the estimated cost to the UK economy of landfilling clothing and household textiles each year is about £82m;
  • a truckload of clothing is wasted every second across the world;
  • the average number of times a garment is worn before it ceases to be used has decreased by 36% in 15 years;
  • half a million tonnes of plastic microfibres are released per year from washed clothes – 16 times more than plastic micro-beads from cosmetics – contributing to ocean pollution.

Stella McCartney is standing up against the fashion industry and begging it to become more sustainable. The industry, which is close to consuming a quarter of the worlds annual carbon budget by 2050 must change. Clothes must be designed differently, worn for longer, and recycled better.

McCartney condemned her industry by saying its “Incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment” and has joined forces with round-the-world sailor and environmental campaigner Dame Ellen MacArthur, calling for a systemic change to the way clothing is produced and used.

MacArthur acknowledged the scale of the challenge to turn around the $2.4tn industry by saying “Today’s textile industry is built on an outdated linear, take-make-dispose model and is hugely wasteful and polluting. We need a new textile economy in which clothes are designed differently, worn longer, and recycled and reused much more often.”

Currently there is enough clothing and textiles in the world to satisfy demand, the question is how to encourage to recycle properly.

Brad Davidson \\ OG