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As Ocean Generation is growing, we are expanding our perspectives to see how we can help all areas of our lives become more sustainable and reduce their impact on the planet. This ranges from day to day individual choices, communities, large corporations and even entire industries, and as the optimistic and open minded organisation we are, we jumped straight into the deep end to target the music industry, a business that you may not realise has a huge carbon footprint.

The music business is an extremely high energy consuming industry. Music is much more than just listening, the concerts, touring, transportation, merchandise, and distribution networks made an important contribution to our CO2 output. From the sheer amount of plastic pollution used at live music events and festivals around the world to the large scale travel impact on the climate caused by in fact most of the entertainment industry from movie and TV production, theatre and of course stadium tours.

Paper tickets, mass transportation to and from events, single-use plastics and carbon emissions are just a few of the fundamental issues with the ever expanding industry. Yet, it is not all doom and gloom, technological advances have indirectly helped tackle climate change, most notably the mass movement to digital streaming and the quick demise of CD and DVD sales.

As we move into the space where political agreements and agendas have slowly been implemented over decades to quickly tackle climate change, it is becoming more obvious that the leading foot is only gently pressing the accelerator, and although change is happening, a mass push needs to happen as soon as possible to ensure maximum potential.

Each and every industry needs a total redesign with sustainable infrastructure weaved through the fibres of every aspect of life. Implemented at the top through politics, economics, leadership,  and trickled down, inspiring Gen Z to take charge, so the next generation of children are born with real social change. Furthermore, according to studies the music industry is worth more than US $130 billion globally and the economic importance of this sector can help drive change on a much broader scale than just sharing music.

For this reason, we decided to target music, as like the Ocean’s, music connects and inspire us all, it is after all a universal language, and often, in todays day and age, musical influence can reach more people directly than political or royal voices. In 2017, Ocean Generation dropped an environmental song ‘Oceans’, led by multi-award winning Grammy Artist, Joss Stone. The release of the song started the wave of global influencers on youtube to create their own unique versions of the song titled, ‘Oceans’ that became the inspiration for our #Riff Sustainably Campaign.

Ocean Generation is launching #RiffSustainably, a campaign set to open up conversations and discussions with the music industry, environmental experts and creative thinkers to tackle the issues and aspects of how to make the music industry more sustainable and greener in key areas. Once successful, our approach to change can be a blue print used across any industry and subject, opening the floor to discussion and inspiring students who will be stepping into those areas post graduation.

Throughout history, music has shown to have to power to fire revolutions, bring people together and spark a change, or ask a question, we hope to inspire people at al levels of the sector to start implementing change in the way they go about their work, ensure that this highly profitable business can become a green light, leading the way.

Brad Davidson | OG