Plastic Fishing in Amsterdam

We teamed up with Plastic Whale to go fishing for plastic on Amsterdam’s canals


Our players have hit our target of collecting 1 million virtual pounds of plastic in our first game, The BIG Catch. To mark this milestone, WATO supported a class of schoolchildren to go fishing for plastic on the canals in Amsterdam with Plastic Whale. 56 school children from De Kleine Reus school in Amsterdam took part in a plastic fishing event in June as part of Plastic Whale’s school program. The program creates awareness about the problem of plastic pollution by taking as many schoolchildren as possible out onto the canals to see it for themselves, and to help collect the plastic.

The 11 and 12 year olds were very enthusiastic, working hard to fish out as much plastic as possible. They went onto the canals with the entire fleet of Plastic Whale’s boats which are made from plastic caught on previous fishing trips. After 1.5 hours of plastic fishing they had caught 15 full bags of plastic waste including bottles, bags and food packaging. Other items they fished out included a chair, a shopping trolley, a car bumper and a shoe.

Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. It was founded in 2011 by Marius Smit who started with a challenge to build a boat made from plastic waste. Today Plastic Whale has a fleet of 8 boats, all created using the plastic waste that is collected during fishing trips. Plastic Whale organises plastic fishing events for companies, schools and the general public. So far, more than 135 companies, 1300 schoolchildren and more than 3000 members of the public have been plastic fishing on the canals of Amsterdam. They’re aiming to take more than 1500 students plastic fishing throughout 2017 and WATO was pleased to be able to support this trip to help get students out on the water, learning about plastic pollution and getting involved with the clean up efforts.

Images courtesy of Plastic Whale.