New Fountains and Re-Fill points to begin this Summer

The wait is finally over...


The scheme aims to tackle the plastic waste crisis, reduce packaging and improve access to tap water.

This summer, London will get 20 new fountains, in a test to see if they should be introduced into the city on a larger scale. Businesses will be encouraged to refill and offer tap water in 5 specific locations, and if successful the scene will be introduced to most areas. City hall has also confirmed they will no longer be offering any single-use plastics including bottles, cutlery and cups.

“We shouldn’t be using single-use plastics, the impact on the environment is so immense,” the deputy mayor for environment, Shirley Rodrigues, told the Guardian, adding that programmes like the BBC’s Blue Planet had brought home to scale of the problem for many. “We just need to get on now and stop their use in London.”

Overall, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has been aiding London to be as clean as possible. An app will be introduced letting consumers know where their local refill point including stores and cafes that the offer tap water!

This is a perfect example that the right initiatives, can lead to real change, if London’s adapt new ways of life and habits.

Brad Davidson | OG