London set to reduce plastic waste with water fountain scheme

Sadiq Khan's new plans to cut single use plastic waste by 2021.


London’s mayor Sadiq Khan is planning to roll out a network of water fountains to reduce the cities dependancy on plastic water bottles. Annual bottle usage is predicted to pass half a trillion by 2021, a statistic that shows just how severe the plastic crisis truly has become.

“The mayor wants to see a reduction in the amount of single-use plastic bottles and cups across the capital and has asked City Hall officers to examine the feasibility of a pilot community water refill scheme, or other interventions,” said a spokesperson for Khan, adding that the mayor has also written to the government to discuss trialling a deposit return scheme in London and would like London’s businesses to make tap water available to the public.

“Free drinking-water fountains that can refill water bottles, as well as be drunk from, should be provided in appropriate locations in new or redeveloped public realm,” the report notes, adding that such locations include busy pedestrian areas, parks and squares.

We are happy Khan is joining forces with advocated for global warming and encouraging larger companies across the city to adopt more eco-friendly behaviour. Collectively all these small steps can show potential for London being a green city of the future. 

Brad Davidson | OG