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100% organic, biodegradable sanitary products, delivered to your door


Our Founder Tries Out Organic Sanitary Products with TOTM 

A friend recently said “I was a slave to the supermarket”. The only available sanitary products on the shelves are made from man made substances to harsh chemicals and the bi-products are severely harming our environment. 

I felt confused, did some research and came across Time Of The Month (TOTM). A UK based company selling 100% organic, biodegradable sanitary products, delivered to your door. TOTM is both educational and providing women with an alternative. 

Recent studies have revealed I was not alone in knowing little about tampons or pads. Studies revealed 9 out of 10 women have no idea what tampons are made of despite every month inserting them them into their vaginas which is one of the most absorbent and sensitive parts of our bodies. In 2018 it is not ok that stigma still  surrounds menstruation and not enough men and women are openly talking about PERIODS. Knowledge equates to power for any modern woman and we need to empower women to feel comfortable with their periods.

The world of technology has opened up boundaries between women, given people better access to information and on social media organisations are curating cool period content. There is also another thing technology has done, allowed us to start buying our period gear online. Last month I made my first TOTM order. 

Mainstream brands find their way into supermarkets because they are a recognisable name, but there brands are not providing a full list of ingredients! Most mainstream tampons or pads will say “made from cotton” which sounds normal but TOTM has unveiled the truth behind conventional cotton. One of the most heavily sprayed crops on the planet, cotton is farmed using pesticides including weed killer, that has been classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organisation. These pesticides are not only destroying our vaginas but harming biodiversity and causing lethal pesticide poisoning in cotton workers. 

Periods are also huge environmental issue. The Marine Conservation Society in 2016, found 20 tampons and sanitary items per 100 meters of shore line. I was delighted to receive my TOTM package in an environmentally friendly envelope made from 100% sugar cane, which is a natural, renewable source. TOTM tampons are 100% biodegradable and avoid the use of plastic applicators in their tampons by choosing to use 100% recyclable cardboard instead. On average a woman will use 12,000 tampons in their lifetime, multiply that by 50% of the population and that is a lot of plastic applicators that can take over 25 years to break down in our oceans!

If governments are not going to regulate the period market and protect women and the environment, it is left to social entrepreneurs like TOTM to do exactly that by being transparent with every aspect of their products. 

Everyone woman that switches to TOTM is committing an act of kindness to their body and the environment. After researching, I’m grateful to have found TOTM and would advise every woman to make a change! TOTM have empowered me to stop using chemical ridden products in my vagina and be kinder to the planet!