Connecting Generations: Our Ocean 2017

Connecting Generations at Our Ocean conference, Malta 2017.


‘Our Ocean’ 2017, hosted by the European Union in Malta from the 5th to 6th of October is evidence of how collaborating together, we can innovate, help and find solutions to save our oceans.

From Royal speakers, such as the Prince of Wales and of Monaco, to high level politicians like the UN secretary General Antonio Guterres, this two-day conference was a succesful achievement for all parties involved. For the first-time the corporate sector took action in committing to this cause, with 100 Corporate leaders committing to protect our Oceans. EU’s cooperation, alone, exceeded EUR 550 million and ‘implied action around the world’, alongside the several commitments from other countries and NGOs all over the world. See the whole list of commitments taken here.

Plus, the success does not end there. The EU alongside the University of Malta and the Sustainable Oceans Alliance co-hosted their own summit parallel to Our Oceans Conference. The aim was to bring together our interconnected and most knowledgeable generation to brainstorm solutions to cope with the future. The importance of this summit is its emphasis on these young leaders; the influencers and instigators of our next generation. These Young participants had the opportunity to attend the main conference on its second day. They were able to network, share and interchange their plans with the current leaders who are already taking action. An unbelievable opportunity aimed to expose our leading youth to start their own plans.

A positive conference which not only aimed to protect Our Oceans, but also enhanced what our generation is all about: Connecting the Collective.

Written by Maria Margarida Veiga Barracosa