Beyond A Click – Save the Date!



SAVE THE DATE – Nov 8th !

Beyond A Click; Hurricane Relief

The Ocean Generation is proud to announce its first episode of Beyond A Click.

Taking place on November 8th at YouTube’s London studios, the live streamed show, will feature performances by Jodie Abacus, Marlon Roudette, Joy Mumford, Loop and Trey Qua, plus a ‘Science from the bath tub’ show by TED talk invitee and series presenter Matthew Shribman.

Our first episode will highlight the devastating impact of hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey in the West Indies, Puerto Rico and the other Caribbean Islands, and will also be raising donations for the Rebuild and Barbuda Relief Fund, helping people most affected by the latest catastrophic weathers.

As hurricanes and flooding have sparked global debates linking extreme weather patterns to climate change and rising ocean temperatures. Beyond A Click, is a new platform to raise awareness about our environmental well being with the most connected generation in history. Using digital technology and creative artists, Beyond A Click aims to change how global issues are addressed and create a real, human forum for change.

Going Beyond A Click with Ocean Generation means creating social initiatives that build real and lasting involvement of like-minded people that go beyond a ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ online. Going beyond a click means a realer, more engaged involvement with the environmental issues that matter most right now, bringing a collective and personal meaning to social giving efforts.

Beyond A Click aims to encourage viewers to think about their own behaviours and attitudes and how they affect climate change. The event will challenge the audience to reach out and understand the issue through the eyes of young people growing up in places where climate change is already in effect most, small islands. It’s about building an active, engaged collective for powerful change.

Visit on November 8th at 7pm GMT from wherever you are in the world, and watch live our first episode of Beyond A Click!