A letter to the ocean

Dear ocean...


Dear Ocean,

I am writing to you on behalf of the human race, and first and foremost I would like to apologise. I cant speak on belief of everyone, as we both know there are people out there looking to exploit you and your resources, for this I apologise. I am sure you know better than anyone the pain that follows greed, and the insult of blatant disregard to sustainability. You must be tired and weary, under constant pressure to provide, while been stolen from at every side and suffocated with waste, disease and plastic.

We know you are our lungs, yet we drown you in oil. Oil which seeps into your veins, clouding your mind and killing your inhabitants, leaving your soul harbouring lifeless rotting corpses. Yet we do not take time to consider how you feel? How do you feel?

How much fish could a fishery fish if you ran out of fish? Will it come to a painful end? Our race has a habit of ruining a good thing, taking advantage of the world around us, leaving hopeless paths for the generations to come.

We can see your anger from time to time, through storms, and hurricanes and waves as tall as buildings, is this your cry? When will people realise, you are essential to our existence, yet we use you as a trash can.

As time goes on, we are witnessing your ecosystems crumble under the growing pressure of pollution. From plastic, trash, industrial waste and sewage. Each causing a catastrophic side effect to your health, but we do not stop? Instead we speed up the dumping process year on year?

I guess you will get your revenge in the end, as we slowly poison our own food chain and you celebrate in a silent protest against our greed.