ECO HO HO, Christmas is here!

A very merry and ECO Christmas to all.


ECO HO HO, Christmas is here!

The season of mulled wine, Christmas street lights and movies like ‘Love Actually’, is finally here. A moment to spread the love and show it all around.

But, reality is, if we want to show all the love, and prove that we care our actions should start by looking out for our environment too. This Christmas let’s create a space where everyone can, not just see it, but also feel it. The best way to turn your Christmas into an actual “love actually” is by giving, wrapping and making Christmas as organic and eco-friendly as possible.

Wrapping paper alone counts for more than 4 millions tons of trash in just the US. Why not give a gift to the one you love in a recyclable wrapping paper. Check out ‘wrappily’ the new eco-friendly way of giving. They use old newspaper presses and soy based ink to make original and fresh wrapping paper. This not only helps save more energy but gives a new purpose to traditional printing machines.  In addition, their designs are incredibly unique and fresh, bringing a whole new level to a happy Christmas. Other alternatives for friendly and sustainable wrapping papers, check out: Re-Wrapped.

Wait! There is more! For a more ‘indie’ and alternative Christmas cards and gift ideas check out Blank Inside, the perfect balance between artistic illustrations, eco-friendly sourced materials, and UK based supplies.

Looking for more gift options that can be eco-friendly? Protect the planet will give you all kind of alternatives at any price. Whether you are looking for a cheaper gift or a more elaborate one, their online store is stocked up with fantastic ideas that will make you want to buy all your gifts from there.

Remember our Beyond A Click event? For our event we made the conscious choice of using bamboo straws. These straws were not sustainable, but their cool look made everyone fall in love with them. We got ours from Bambaw Straws, an amazing company which is aiming to help bamboo straws become fashionable, reusable, and recycled. Want to celebrate a big party with fancy cocktails this season? Embrace alternative straws like this one, or even go stainless steel straw, glass straw or whichever fancies your mood. The best part: they are classier, cooler and eco-friendlier.

But Christmas does not end there. Christmas is about giving back, and celebrating love, family and happiness. This Christmas make a conscious choice and celebrate by giving something back to our planet. Try use as many eco-friendly options as you can. Make Christmas eco-friendly so more generations can celebrate it. Love your family, love your planet. Join the collective.

Ocean Generation wishes you an eco-friendly Christmas!

Brad Davidson | OG