The LAST Straw

Help the ELF save Christmas from plastic straws



The Humorous nature of the game entails the player being a Christmas Elf with a pair of snappy scissors cutting the hideous amount of straws that are used every year at christmas around the world.

Ocean Generation are encouraging gamers to be plastic conscious and asking gamers to pledge to reduce the usage of straws starting this christmas and then forever. The game itself highlights the importance of cutting down single use plastics as a shocking estimated 500 million straws enter our oceans each year.

The game stars our Ocean Generation’s angry elf, as he starts his mission to find “The Last Straw”. The game is part of a series of initiatives designed by Ocean Generation to change consumer behaviours around plastic drinking straws.

After playing, users are encouraged to say NO to using plastic straws and sign a pledge to commit using less plastic in the real world. The smallest lifestyle change, like refusing a straw, can make a lasting impact towards protecting the future of our people and planet.

It is estimated that around 8 million tonnes of plastics is dumped in the sea every year and the majority comes from land pollution, and as the game progresses, different cities are shown to highlight how connected the world is by our oceans.

We hope you enjoy Ocean Generations 3rd game