SOA Summit

WATO talks technology at the Sustainable Oceans Alliance Summit on Earth Day.


WATO talks technology at the Sustainable Oceans Alliance Summit on Earth Day.

WATO attended the Sustainable Oceans Alliance Summit in Georgetown on Earth Day to add our voice to the call to ‘Make The Oceans Famous’ and to raise awareness of the need for urgent action to save our planet’s life support system. Our approach is innovative and different, and we were pleased to take part in a panel discussion at the Summit.

WATO is pushing forward with new approaches to ocean conservation, targeting millennials who are the most connected generation in history. Our connectedness and social media savviness is what makes our generation powerful, as we can share information faster and wider than ever before.

We shared our thoughts on innovation and sustainability in the private sector at the Summit, explaining how we’re mobilising a ‘Collective’ of innovators, musicians and tech entrepreneurs to bring ocean conservation messages to young people on their terms, using social platforms that feature in their daily lives. As Jude Ower, CEO of Playmob, spoke about on the panel, WATO is heading into the ‘white space that no one is thinking about’, forging ahead with new digital partnerships and platforms to engage and empower millennials in ocean conservation.

We talked about how we’re using music and gaming to make our messages mainstream, helping them to stand out against the background noise of social media, and keeping them alive for the long-run. By combining forces with a wide range of talented people from the music, gaming and tech industries, we can tailor our messages to resonate with each different audience.

We also launched our game, ‘The Big Catch’, at the Summit, asking everyone who attended our panel to play online and start engaging with it on social media. The game raises awareness of marine plastic pollution and the plight of endangered species as the player navigates a vaquita porpoise through polluted ocean locations to collect plastic. We aimed to collect a million virtual pounds of marine plastic, and through the power of social media sharing we’ve hit our target, helping us to support real world plastic clean-ups on the ground. Keep an eye out for more information on this coming soon.

Sharing our vision and approach at the Sustainable Oceans Summit was just the beginning, we’ve got plenty more events coming up throughout summer 2017.

Become a part of our global Collective by taking the WATO Pledge on our website and committing to reduce your plastic usage. Follow us on social media to keep informed about where we are and what we’re up to.